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Yo call me Suki. Im bi. Emotional masochist. I like kinky stuffs meaoow~ 21. Semi alcoholic, ganja, a freak to beat in the sheets rawwrr c; Im into all kinds of music..and I like anime. I'm obsessed with fun and crazy things that'll make me spaz out. Im a huge nerd, I'll try anything; I'm a very nice asshole lol welcome to my mind loves<3

Is it too much to ask that I wanna be with you or in your life? Whether as a friend or a lover? I don’t care. Why can’t I just be with YOU.?

Things feel so different. It seems like you’re so distant with me, and it breaks my heart.



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  2. yeahwhatfinger answered: I know exactly how you feel. If your really want to know just ask. Boys don’t communicate well enough. keep your head up and good luck
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